Volontà VIII

October 28, 2016

Time: 18:00
Location: Il Suono di Piero [Aula Bianchini]
Category: Acousmatic
Duration: 32’
Sound Direction: Francesco Ziello
Marco Ferrazza CitiZen • 8’18
Paolo Pastorino Dimensione aggiuntiva • 3’25
Chester Udell Jorneta Stream • 11’00
Leo Cicala Khoisan • 10’45

Program Notes

CitiZen [2016] The sounds of Citizen primarily come from field recordings materials made in different cities. Typical traffic signals as the horn live with sounds of bells, textures, and indistinct metal appearances. It results an orchestration as reorganization of various soundscapes and spatial ambients (both geographical and acoustic). I materiali sonori di Citizen provengono essenzialmente da registrazioni ambientali effettuate in differenti città. Segnali tipici del traffico come il clacson convivono con suoni di campane, tessiture rumoristiche e presenze metalliche indistinte. Ne deriva un’orchestrazione intesa come riorganizzazione di più paesaggi sonori e condivisione di differenti spazialità (sia geografiche che acustiche).

Dimensione aggiuntiva [2016] The aim of this composition is to create the timbre and temporal joint for each audio fragment. This is my way to achieve a timeline of events. I tried to sculpt each sound object in order to create a lively form able to move in an imaginary space. Dimensione aggiuntiva means an additional dimension which is generally referred to a further extension of the objects. Through the elaboration of concrete and synthesis sounds, I am searching for new timbres that lead me to choose different compositional strategies and solutions which will make every new composition different from the others. Each sample was processed through some algorithms that I have developed on Max / MSP. A sound object can be considered as an element consisting of an abstract part and a concrete one. One of the two properties can also occur without the other one. Abstract is a quality that is considered outside of reality - this part does not exist but can be produced from the concrete part. On the other hand, concrete means a complete and real representation of the object; this part can be altered giving origin to an abstract part. The investigation of the boundary between these two aspects is the focus of my research.

Jorneta Stream [2014] We shall exist as long as our stories are moist with our breath.

Khoisan [2015] The piece plays on peculiar morphological elements of symbolic this language rich primordial hard consonants and popping. Represents a psychological exploration, of necessity the migration that the dawn of the birth of our species to date is repeated between Africa and Europe. The shape of the track is arranged metaphorically in events which take place as a series of stages. In the first part the evolution of sound events is posted in the wake of a primary gesture that represents the need to do something in response to another. The materials are crushed, and in the following sections, the micro-events intersect to form a series of chimeric constructions that offer the charm of a better world and, on the other, fear of the unknown.