Volontà VII

October 27, 2016

Time: 20:30
Location: Sala Accademica
Category: WindBack Concert
Duration: 56’
Sound Direction: Pasquale Citera - Massimiliano Mascaro
Massimo Massimi Il senso ottuso • 13’00
  per voce femminile e live electronic
Alessio Gabriele Âme lie • 12’00
  per voce femminile, sassofono contralto con WindBack, elettronica
Antonio Russo Ridefinizione • 8’00
  per voce femminile ed elettronica
Giuseppe Silvi S4FE • 13’00
  per Sax Alto, Windback & S.T.ONE
Silvia Lanzalone Feedback for Two • 10’00
  per 2 voci, 2 megafoni e 2 sistemi di feedback
mezzosoprano Virginia Guidi
soprano Eleonora Claps
saxophone and windback Enzo Filippetti
live electronics Massimo Massimi, Alessio Gabriele, Antonio Russo, Marco Matteo Markidis, Silvia Lanzalone

concerto in collaborazione con il Conservatorio Giuseppe Martucci di Salerno \medskip

live streaming on radiocemat.org

Program Notes

Il senso ottuso [2014] From the point of view of research about voice, IL senso ottuso (The obtuse meaning) becomes a work on vocal sound production in the sense narrower and wider at the same time; the sound material is constructed from what most naturally with the vocal apparatus can produce then bowing to an expressive necessity linked to unnatural emission mechanisms in the direction of a purely acoustic effect. The consequent lack of intelligibility of the text tends to disengage the listener from the literal meanings and directing it toward a listening to the word or morpheme as an acoustic container to manipulate and deform close to an interpreter’s emotional urgency. The electronic part is generated from the materials produced live and processed with the same desire to annihilate the literal text and highlight a psychological dimension.

Âme lie [2016] An ideal uninterrupted flowing breath is the soul that binds the voice and the saxophone, as in the indissoluble relationship between generating and generated entities, along a path that explores multiple stages of interaction and interpenetration of resonant bodies. The WindBack is considered as the device that augments the saxophone by means of unconventional excitation of the air column into it, as the instrument in which the performer’s musical intentions are melted into and projected out, enriched by the acoustic and tonal warping induced by the feedback. The work is made up of three sections, generated from a sequence of six notes, corresponding to a musical cryptogram of the piece title. The piece is a sound structure in which voice, instrument and live electronics evolve into functional and harmonic relations in the form of dialogue, overlapping, conflict. The WindBack is the feedback system designed by Michelangelo Lupone. Âme lie is produced by CRM-Centro Ricerche Musicali of Rome.

Ridefinizione [2016] (Redefinition) is based on the continuous effort to define and understand the relationship that exists with the electronic sound, between the algorithm and the signal, between the electronic sound and voice.

S4FE [2016] La Song for Enzo Filippetti racconta di una visione, di una speculazione sul Tempo, di una storia di liberazione. Il Tempo vive la sua vita, percezione eterna ed impalpabile. Lo vedevo consumarsi, il Tempo, senza mai rigenerarsi. Un Tempo. In questa storia il Tempo è libero, libero di consumarsi, di tornare (di fermarsi?). Ha una forma. È lo spettro della percezione stessa, legata, scandita, vissuta. Il racconto non ha una direzione. Il racconto ha ogni direzione. In ogni direzione, dentro il volto di una coincidenza c’è il corpo della concatenazione. Il racconto va e viene, guarda in volto una coincidenza per scorgerne, nel fondo degli occhi, la concatenazione. Non esiste bidimensionalità quando si guardano fissi due occhi e se ne scorge lo spettro. In un Tempo libero.

Feedback for Two [2016] A game, a competition, a plot, a duel. The two voices, sometimes in counterpoint, fuse together and become confused. The work experiments some possible connections between voices and feedback systems. Each feedback system makes two feedback loops: the first is between microphone and megaphone, the second is between megaphone and loudspeaker. Each megaphone is in the middle of feedback system and makes sound processing of the voices. The work has been produced at CRM-Centro Ricerche Musicali of Rome.