Volontà II

October 25, 2016

Time: 18:00
Location: Il Suono di Piero [Aula Bianchini]
Category: Acousmatic
Duration: 36’
Sound Direction: Francesco Bianco
Massimo Vito Avantaggiato ATLAS OF UNCERTAINTY • 7’00
Marcela Pavia Aleph • 9’30
Hiromi Ishii Ryojinfu • 10’09
David Ledoux Marfa • 13’20

Program Notes

ATLAS OF UNCERTAINTY [2015] is a concrete music piece. A microcosm of sounds becomes the hyletic universe explored through various techniques in this piece. Heterogeneous sound materials are used: - Kitchen noises; - Treated bells texture; - Electronic whips sounds; - Chimes; - Tibetan bowls; - Noisy whooshes; - Gas sounds just to name a few. The sounds are here combined in well-identifiable electronic gestures.

Aleph [2013] The acusmatic piece Aleph was composed for the Acusmonium Audior. The title refers to the homonymous short story by Borges (the projection of the Whole in one point of the Space -micro cosmo- which reflects the whole Universe -macro cosmos. The continuous transformation of the musical material is nothing but a timeline for all the stages of the transformation; conversely the alephis the freezing of the continuous transformation. Time and Space becomes one and the same thing. If enough time is given anything could become anything else and this may happen gradually or not, at a higher or lower speed and with all the intermediate stages in a explicit way or not. The outcome of the transformations could have been different: the stories and History are determined by causality but the chain of events is not unique. The electronics allowed to enter in the inner structure of the sound opening the mind to the possibility of form as a development in time of that inner structure. Sound becomes not anymore the carrier of the speech but the speech itself disclosing other possibilities for purely acoustic composition also.

Ryojinfu [2013] This multi-channel sound-fantasy was inspired by a legend of a Japanese emperor who was religious, was devoted in Imayo (Buddhist chant), but had to fight many battles. The material sounds are; 1. Singing (male solo) voice of Imayo, 2. Sounds and noises recorded at a Buddhist ceremony, 3. Grain sounds of rice. They have mainly been processed using cross synthesis and granular synthesis. The processed sounds were given different characters of movement and designed in a three-dimensional space; the sounds processed from the 1. appear with variations (but never as the original sound), and lead a boy’s voice-like sound finally. The massive sounds relating to the 2. move slowly, and develop as a sound-wall. The sounds produced from 3. move quickly and irregularly like flying living objects. This piece was composed using the Zirkonium 3D sound space system.

Marfa [2014] Scenes and characters from movies such as 127 Hours, There Will Be Blood, The Road and No Country For Old Man inspired Marfa. The title refers to a Texas (US) desert area where some of these movies were shot and which is also known for its mysterious nocturnal lights sightings. As for the reader who develops a mental image of what he reads, this three movements piece is a sonic description of emotions/locations for the mind, travelling across anxiety, contemplation and resilience. As part of his electroacoustic composition studies, Marfa is Ledoux’s first attempt at composing for a 3D listening environnement - a speaker dome. Through the course of the Fall 2014 semester, Ledoux learned to use ZKM’s Zirkonium software along with the ZirkOSCII plugin with prof. Robert Normandeau. These combined spatialization tools allowed him to arrange space and music simultaneously, using VBAP spatialization technique, and create an immersive musical experience that can be played back on any dome-shaped (tridimensional) speaker set-up. Marfa has already been presented during the university’s Ultrasons series (Montréal) - 14 speakers dome -, as well as the InSonic 2015 concerts/conferences, hosted by the ZKM Center for Art and Media (Karlsruhe, Germany) - 43 speakers dome - and was also selected for the upcoming ICAT’s CUBE Fest 2016: Massively Multichannel Music (Blacksburg, VA) - 128 speakers, 4 stories high, cube-shaped dome.