October, 6th

Acousmatic concert in ambisonic dome

Time 17:00
Location: Il Suono di Piero [Aula Bianchini]
Category: Acousmatic
Duration: 50’
Sound Direction: Federico Ripanti
Jan Jacob Hofmann Horizontal and Vertical Lines (09.30)
Clemens Von Reusner Topos Concrete (9.)
Damián Damián Anache Capturas del Único Camino (14.29)
Jan Jacob Hofmann Tensile Elements (09.30)

Program Notes

Horizontal and Vertical Lines Two kinds of elements mark the context of the piece: Sounds of extremely long duration in the distance, shimmering and sharp like steel, stretched out in the timeline. Generated by patterns of chaotic oscillation and being non-linear, these horizontal elements refer to infinity. Their vertical organisation, the proportion of pitch among each other is organised by the harmonic ratio though. Much closer, several impulses: Sounds of infinite shortness, containing the whole spectra of frequencies in a mathematical sense, but having no extension in time. Being strictly vertical, they contradict with the long stretched horizontal elements. These two sonic elements, considered as horizontal and vertical, set the background structure of which matter is generated. The sound for this composition is derived from a non-linear algorithm for sound generation by physical modelling, as from granular synthesis. All the sounds have been created using Csound. The work was commissioned by the CRM for Musica Scienza 2005 where it got executed in June 2005.

Topos Concrete Concrete is a building material, a kind of unshaped dry powder made of sand, granulated stones and cement, dusty and chaotic. Mixed with water it becomes flexible and fluid and goes into a metamorphosis to become dry again, static and resistable and of any wanted shape. Aspects of working with native granularity, fluidness as well as stiffness and different kind of acoustic spaces were leading ideas of the composition.

Capturas del Único Camino First Landscape is a movement of Capturas del Único Camino, a piece which involves generative art ideas for offering an attractive object of passive contemplation. It is Ambisonics encoded and made with acoustic instruments samples recorded and performed by the composer. Then the samples are handled by a Pure Data patch according to the random events score of the piece. So that, the algorithm works as an electronic performer of the piece. info:

Tensile Elements Subject of Tensile Elements are special kinds of elements, characterised by their quality of sound, their movement and interaction. Elements pass through the space, defining it, having almost materiality but still being bodiless. Concentrations and disintegrations happen, the elements seem to have almost their own way of behaviour.

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